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About us

Triple F, established in 2002, is an International Sourcing company based in the Netherlands. Over the years we build a network from South East Asia to USA and everything in between. Working with producers who create high standard quality products and so we serve buyers and sellers all over the world. Getting buyers the best market price and also assuring the producers get a good price for their hard labor. This is prime for us.

Our Mission:
To become globally recognized as one of the prestigious and reliable sourcing partners for both buyer and seller.

Commodity trading is a fast-paced business where success is reliant on the visibility of information and the ability to respond quickly. The capability to track, monitor, act on trading and other information should be as close to real/time as possible. This has a direct impact on overall profitability and ultimately competitiveness. Continue reading “About us”


Our team is here to source the products you need.
We take all the sourcing work out of your hand.
You share with us all the details of the commodity you need and we will select from our wide range of producers the best that suites your demands.

You only need to choose from the presented offers.


Company details:
Triple F
Belcantodreef 29
2926 PB  Krimpen aan den IJssel
the Netherlands

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