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We would like to give you a brief overview of our company on this page. Our sourcing philosophy is based on the  responsibility to optimally provide all serious buyers and our associated reputable suppliers the best commitment,  dedication and service.
In order to fully meet buyers demand, we enter into both strategic partnerships as well as long-term agreements with our core suppliers\producers, and we achieve quantity effects by pooling needs from across the Group.

What do we source?
Triple F concentrates on products focused for human consumption, animal feed, coconut charcoal and husk products and many more. Look at our Food and Non-food products on the website. Everything is sourced from qualified suppliers\producers. Sourcing reputable producers is a continuing process for our team. Find the best supplier\producer who can produce high (constant) quality at workable prices and on time.

Social and moral responsibility.
Dear buyer, the nice product delivered to your warehouse is produced by dedicated people along the whole production chain. The ones at the beginning of the chain are mostly forgotten when it comes to their earnings. They put in the most of the hard labor but often get the worst piece of the pie. Not with us. We feel a social and moral responsibility to assure they do. So yes, you as a buyer will not find the cheapest (so called internet prices with us). If you as a buyer are looking to become millionaire overnight by looking for those stupid non-realistic prices we are not the partner for you.
Brokers who look to make massive margins in one simple single deal, sorry but we also pass on these.
Prices will not be the basis of fair and long-term relationships.
Trust, honestly and dedication will.

Global Approach
We set the sourcing strategy for all current and future clients. Our international network, which we build over the years, is our capital. It is our believe open and direct communication with respects for each other is the biggest value that partnerships can have and we aim for the long time.

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About us

Triple F, established in 2002, is an International Sourcing company based in the Netherlands. Over the years we build a network from South East Asia to USA and everything in between. Working with producers who create high standard quality products and so we serve buyers and sellers all over the world. Getting buyers the best market price and also assuring the producers get a good price for their hard labor. This is prime for us.

Our Mission:
To become globally recognized as one of the prestigious and reliable sourcing partners for both buyer and seller.

Commodity trading is a fast-paced business where success is reliant on the visibility of information and the ability to respond quickly. The capability to track, monitor, act on trading and other information should be as close to real/time as possible. This has a direct impact on overall profitability and ultimately competitiveness. Continue reading “About us”


Our team is here to source the products you need.
We take all the sourcing work out of your hand.
You share with us all the details of the commodity you need and we will select from our wide range of producers the best that suites your demands.

You only need to choose from the presented offers.


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Triple F
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2926 PB  Krimpen aan den IJssel
the Netherlands

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