Coconut By Products

Coconut by-products

All the mentioned products are from Sri Lanka and are coming directly from the producer where can ship all other types of products produced from Coconut. We use all parts which left over of the fruit in the Coconut Oil industry.

Coconut Charcoal Briquette
the process of producing coconut shell charcoal briquettes begins with the carbonization by burning the coconut shell with controlled air that is sufficient for carbonization. The output of charcoal in the traditional pith method is just below 30% yield. To obtain good quality charcoal, fully dried, clean, mature shells are used. Coconut Charcoal are then sieved to the different sizes that the buyer requires.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes is a compact block charcoal which is made from coconut shell charcoal. Our charcoal briquette is made of granular coconut shell charcoal which is crushed charcoal and molded using a natural binder. As fuel, it is hotter and lasts longer than ordinary charcoal. It is suitable for household use both indoor and outdoor. It can also be used in food industries, for barbecue, stove fuel, metallurgy, etc.

What makes Coconut Charcoal Briquettes so special:
* natural made from renewable source
* virtually smokeless
* produces a small quantity of ash
* burns 1.5 times longer than typical hardwood charcoal
   (more or less 3.5 hours at temperature 730F).
* can also be used indoor

The length of the briquettes can be customized from 3-12 cm. Standard packing is 3 kg. per carton box with 130 pieces per carton or in 7.5 kg carton box with 105 pieces of charcoal briquettes. Other packing sizes and types are available as per buyer’s request.


  • 650g Briquettes – Size -: 20cm X 10 cm X 5.5cm -: Compressed 1 :2 -: yield 9 litres after expansion
  • 25 Kg bales,Packed in Polythene,Compressed 1 : 2, Yeilds 200 litres

Grow bags (Cocopeat substrate – for Hydrophonic-Substrate)
Cocopeat Grow bags are most sought for hydrophonic farming – Soilless cultivation of vegetables like Tomatoes ,Cucumber, Lettuce etc. etc. and flowers. Largely used in Green Houses as occupied less space. ECO replacement of artificial Growing substrates.


No: Size Cms. Thickness After Expansion Cms Wt: 
Loadability Grow bags 
In 1 X 40ft
1. 100X18X4 16 3.1 7400  
2. 100X15X3 11 2.1 12.000  
3. 90X18X3 8 1.5 16.000  
4. 60X18X4 12 1.5 15.000  
5. 40X20X4 12 1.2 18.000  
6. 25X18X6 20 1.2 18.000  

Coconut husks
are dumped in water ponds for a bout three months, before they are used in fibre mills. In the mills, the  fibre “Bristol fibre” (used in coir brush & Brooms manufacture), mattress fibre are separated from the husk. Bristol Fibre is also used this for water filtering purpose.. The materials in between the fibre falls down and are called Cockpits or Cocopeat or Coconut Fibre pith. This Cocopeat is then dried in the sun and then compressed into briquettes or bales. Most of the Cocopeat buyers mix their own Compost 30%  with 70% Cocopeat to make the potting soil. For some clients we mix composts and make the bales. Cocopeat is 100% ECO friendly – Organic.

Coconut husk chips
It’s one of our major products. Earlier Canadians bought the major quantities, but now Aussies, Polish buyers, Japanese and even Chinese buyers buy them. We always mix coconut husk chips with cocopeat in our Grow bags. Most of the buyers order 50% coconut husk chips mixed 50% cocopeat in their compressed5 Kgbales. It`s best for Roses,Bell pepper ,Tomatoes and for so many varieties of flowers. We supply all assorted sizes in washed and unwashed form

Coconuts husks cut into 1/2 inch and one inch pieces, specially to grow 
Orchids varieties and other suitable plants. At the moment in Nederland’s, they try this also in horse stables and use this as a Decorative around the gardens in summer

Cocopeat Disc   

 Wat schrijven voor dit stuk

Weed Killer Mats
Compressed Coir mats. Coconut Coir is pressed with Natural Rubber Latex. These mats prevent unnecessary weeds to grow around plants. In western countries this is frequently used to control weeds in plantations. Produced in 5 mm or 10 mm thickness, one meter or two meter wide and in 25 meter or 50 meter rolls

Coir Ropes
Different Sizes of diameters.

Coir Hanging Baskets
Moulded coir pots compressed with natural rubber latex, to grow plants. Pots 
are in round shape and square shape and in different sizes, in 3 colours: White, Natural Coir Colour (Brown) and Black. Hanging baskets are completed with the coir part and the coated wire part.

Coir pots to grow plants
Coir fiber pots are made of Natural Coco fiber & Natural Rubber (rubberized – coir). They are used by Horticultural Farms , Flower Gardeners, Green Houses, and Nurseries. They can be kept (with or without a wooden or frame stand) with natural flowering plants to give indoors an elegant look.

Code  Size
JRP/WR 8×5.5×8
JRP/WR 9×6.5×8.5
JRP/WR 10.5x7x8
GP/WR 11x7x11
JRP/WR 12.5×8.5×9.5
RRP/WR 17.5x11x12.5


Coir pots to grow plants  
Code Size
JRP/WR 6*5*6
JRP/WR 8*5.5*8